SOER Workshop: Basic Log Analysis for the Marginal Well Operator

When: August 6, 2020 (past) - get iCal link

Location: OSU-OKC Student Center
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If you ever heard of Basic Petroleum Geology for the Non-Geologist by Dr. Norman Hyne, this is Basic Log Analysis for the Marginal Well Operator by Mike Stafford. Formation Evaluation & Log Analysis is a deep and complex science that requires years of practice before one can really be considered proficient at the subject. However, the Marginal Well Operator that understands the basic science of what the tools are actually measuring along with the story the tools are telling will make sound and confident decisions whether his or her well has economically productive formations behind-pipe. This purpose of this course is to provide the Marginal Operator with the tools and knowledge to be confident in interpreting open-hole resistivity and porosity logs in order to be able to determine formation lithology and to calculate initial saturations and moveable oil. This will include determining formation temperature formation water resistivity (Rw), sample lag time and other useful subjects as time permits. This workshop will be held in a computer lab and be a hands-on learning experience using downloaded logs and MS Excel. Please bring a simple calculator capable of performing squares and square roots.

Phone: 405-601-2098

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